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with leading musicians, DJ’, producers and artists to provide musical and creative solutions for various events. Alpha is associated with Monochrome productions exclusively marketing electronic music for Alpha events. Moreover, Alpha DJ’ play wide variety of mainstream music for Alpha events.

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Selected by XL and TimeOut Magazine as DJ of the year Aviel Brant, is a rising new artist and talent in the Tel Aviv music scene.  Playing live percussion and vinyl during his sets Aviel is not only a talented DJ but producer as well.  Recently he’s done productions for many Israeli artist such as Omer Adam, Liran Denino,  Moadon Haketzev and opened up for Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike a large scale festival 10,000 people in attendance at the Tel Aviv convention center.

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For over 15 years Yaniv Ohana is one of the most cutting edge and leading DJ’s in Tel Aviv’s night life scene. With residencies at The Breakfast Club, Sunrise Kingdom (Midburn camp) and Co-owner of Monochrome. Traveling the globe playing in some of dance music’s best destinations such as Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong and large scale international festivals such as Burning Man. Yaniv has extensive experience and expertise in private events in Israel and abroad.


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Oshri cohen

Dj/producer. After releasing his album few years ago , and performing with his electro-band for 2 years, he decided to focus on his dj career. Oshri performed in all the big clubs and events in Israel as a special guest including “white night tlv” in front of 100k dancers. His background in the OLD SCHOOL genres as drum and base, techno, 2step and break beat, gives his deep house sets an interesting vibe and a unique groove on the dance floor.

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Omer Erlichman

A DJ and a promising producer and who became famous from the well-known Kibbutz parties in Emek Hefer and the Sharon area. Currently Omer performs at the biggest clubs and private events in Israel, specializes in the 'freestyle' genre combining with world music.

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Tomer Mosko

DJ / producer Mosko is one of the most influential voices at the local DJ' scene with successful tours in Europe and the US. Mosko released sets, mixtapes and mixes, all of which are not limited to any genre, combining Deep House, Disco, pumping Techno, and much more. With unique charisma and excellent track selection, Mosko keeps making his way up the world top.

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Oren Spikes is well known for his sets for Tel Aviv’s infamous large scale street parties and a major player and founder in the Israel Hip-Hop scene.  Producer of many well-known radio shows such as Reshet Gimel, Radio 99 and more. The go to DJ for opening up for live acts like Rihanna, Craig David and Shaggy and as of recently played for two major events in Israel.  The annual Purim Rave in Tel Aviv’s Kikar Hamedina 100,000 people in attendance and the Camp Nou Stadium of BFC.



No doubt a DJ that understands and connects with his audience like no other. Erez Mazouz specializes in the free genre combining various musical styles. One of the partners of the mythological Home Club group that dictated the mainstream nightlife scene of Tel Aviv.


Dor Dekel

DJ / producer and a music editor of the successful Line Out show at Radius 100FM. The variety and wide musical knowledge enables him to be one of the few DJs in Israel who can play with great skill in every event- from big to small, commercial to underground, clubs and private events. Dor performed his way up to the biggest festivals such as Tomorrowland Unite, Life in Color, Art Basel in Miami. Also, he is the official opening up for live acts like Kygo, Tiësto, Steve Aoki and others.

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Omer Inbar

A leading DJ for more than 15 years. Also known from the famous 'Karmatek' house duo and 'Jetfire' music group performing in the biggest festivals in China, Korea, Miami and the world's largest Tomorrowland stage! Omer is esteemed producer who is responsible for quite a few well-known hits from leading artists including Ivri Lider.


Adam Ten

Ten has burst into the Israeli consciousness due to his great musical variety as well as authentic connection with his audience and a huge smile. Whether it's Disco, House, Afrikaans music or any other genre, Ten knows how to adapt himself to the event and take the audience with him on a journey. Co-founder of the Dov Gummy Tech-group and the successful underground production- TERRA, Ten is a household name when regarding the electronic music scene in Tel Aviv.


Eliran Osadon

Resident of the Grounded Festival, performs regularly abroad and in the best clubs and productions in Israel, Eliran Osadon is one of the leading House and Techno DJ' and music collectors in Israel for over 15 years. Musician and producer Eliran Osadon is a leading DJ in the electronic scene playing for exclusive after parties for ALPHA.


Amit Agami

DJ from age 13. Also playing guitar, drums, piano and music producer. Agami produces electronic music under the name "Mita Gami". His music is played by the most famous DJs in the world. Owner of "People Are Strange",& “More than friends". Resident DJ at "Sunrise Kingdom", "Deeper - The Block Club", Momento etc. For this days Agami is one of the busiest DJs in Tel-Aviv.



Since the beginning of his career in Radio99FM, DJ BaGo has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft and build upon a never-ending musical library, that spans every dance-able genre. One of the most technical DJs in the middle east. a Freestyle DJ that playing live on Turntables and making live mashups on the dancefloor. With more than 16 years in the business - BaGo is one of the most versatile DJs on Alpha Music team.




Ron & The Red Beans

The music of RON & THE RED BEANS comes from the streets and clubs of new orleans during the 1920's and 30's. Ron Freund (MAYUMANA) and Josette Wiggan (CIRQUE DU SOLEIL), the band's principal dancer, are leading this hot jazz ensemble featuring virtuosic tap dancing.


Yes Ma’am! 

Yes Ma’am! are six musicians united by a dream: a poppin’, joyful Girl Band reviving the very best 50’s and 60’s hits. The band’s repertoire consists of classic tunes by the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Elvis, Lehakat Hanachal, Hachalonot Hagvohim and many more; Yes Ma’am! makes those come alive with meticulous musicianship and stylish fun. The show’s magic also derives from the girls’ complete vintage looks, wearing designs contributed. The Yes Ma’am! experience draws its charm from the onstage girl-power, friendship and a great love for music. Thus the beautiful, timeless classics of the 50’s and 60’s blend into a contemporary, joyful and unforgettable live performance.

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Amitai Ashkenazi is a musician and saxophone player specializing in live music often taking his musical expertise and collaborating with live electronic acts.  Resident musician at AudioPhil (Midburn Camp) with many years of experience Amitai has achieved a certain sensitivity and understating of sound.  His stage presence is noticeable as he perfectly integrates his music into the deep house and techno sound.

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